So You Want Backyard Chickens, Huh?

| 7/8/2013 8:59:10 AM

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Well let me tell you a thing or two....

Read this then we will talk.

"Backyard chickens dumped at shelters...."  

Ok, so you want to get chickens. It would be so great having your own fresh eggs. It would be a great experience for the kids. It's all the thing, everyone is getting them!

There are more blogs and web sites out there about chickens, raising chickens, hobby chickens and farm fresh eggs than you can shake a feather at!  Now don't get me wrong, these blogs and sites are one of the ways I researched and learned about raising chickens. Being a suburb girl and only having a dog, cat and a couple of fish, having "farm" animals was a scary thought for me. But I had been a farmer for five years and thought, it is about time I got a farm animal of some kind. First I wanted sheep, so I went online and looked at all the cute photos and breeder sites and even visited a sheep farmer in my area who told me of the money to be made selling lamb for meat and wool to the trendy fiber folks.  So I came pretty close to venturing into sheep but first I was browsing on Amazon and found a book on "sheep diseases" so I figured, well every good sheep owner should know about sheep diseases and I bought the book. I spent a week reading it cover to cover. The book is now packed away with a note to self on the inside cover that states, "Forget it Susan, this is not for you." I am a realist.

So next I thought how nice would it be to have a dairy cow and a beef critter. Read up on it, talked to others who raise them, went to a dairy farm for a visit.  Ahhh, NO.

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