Life in the Slow Lane

| 8/18/2010 12:22:11 PM

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What’s life like as we approach the end of summer on Red Pine Mountain?

Day after day of beautiful weather finds Mountain Man working on one project after another. He’s started making closet doors for the house in the Ozarks.

Mountain Man makes doors for the Missouri farm

And he just finished a vanity made out of our pine for a house here in Vermont. First coat of oil is on.

Mountain Man made a vanity.

He’s digging holes for permanent fencing around our barn with horsey advice of course.

mountain woman
8/24/2010 8:30:11 AM

Hi Vickie, Thanks so much for visiting me. I guess one thing about working on a farm is that even though it is hard work, it's truly a labor of love to be so close to the earth and the animals. And I never work too hard because Mountain Man won't let me. I really appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment.

8/24/2010 6:08:40 AM

I love all your pictures -it is good to see about a day on the farm. Summer is winding down-in Michigan we are starting to feel the coolness. Maybe we can get a few more weeks in yet. Don't work too hard. vickie

mountain woman
8/20/2010 7:48:14 AM

Hi Cindy, What a day you had! I've never been to Chicago but the show must have been a sight to see and I always love riding on the train. I relate to being back home and just being so content listening to the silence and sounds of nature around that you fall asleep. I've lived most of my life in big cities, NYC, Washington, DC and San Francisco and I loved them. The culture and the hustle and bustle is invigorating but as I've aged, I've wanted a quiet life away from people and noise and to be more connected to the earth and to be surrounded by animals. I can't imagine ever going back. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I look forward to sharing our mutual love of winter this year :-)

cindy murphy
8/19/2010 9:49:46 PM

Hi, Mountain Woman. Yesterday, my boss and I drove to Indiana, then caught a train to Chicago, where we pretty much shopped 'til we dropped. It was the annual independent garden center show; one of two biggies where we do most of our merchandise ordering for next spring. It was nearly a fifteen hour day! Everyone we stopped along the way from the train station to Navy Pier to ask if we were headed in the right direction was extremely nice and helpful, athough it was evident they were in a hurry to get where they were going. We took the train to avoid traffic, and when we left the show, seeing the bumper-to-bumper endless line of cars, we were glad we did. Back at home today, after working outside in the heat and humidity all day at the nursery, getting dinner, and cleaning up, I sat out on the front porch in my favorite rocker, with a nice, cold beer. Hubs was picking beans, the girls were off in different directions with their friends, so I had a few minutes to myself. Listening to the cicadas' song, and some very noisy cardinals, I fell asleep before I even had a chance to open the beer! I did all this before most of those people in that bumper-to-bumper traffic even got home. I've lived in larger cities before, but I'll take my slow-lane small-town any day over all that hustle and bustle. As always, your photos are beautiful. I like those funny-cute turkeys! They almost look like identical bookends. Enjoy your (slow-lane) day!

mountain woman
8/19/2010 4:27:21 PM

Thanks Pam. I sure wish MM and FM could get together to do a project. I loved FM's boat and I'd love to swim in your pond. I am so glad I got the chance to get all the poultry this year. I never knew what I was missing. As to the horses, they all are very opinionated! Thanks for stopping by :-)

8/19/2010 3:28:41 PM

Hi MountainWoman. I love the wood closet door and the vanity. MountainMan does some beautiful work. The horses seem to know exactly where the fence should go!lol... All of the poultry are growing so fast. Their poultry palace seems to be home sweet home for them all. You and MountainMan(and all the critters) have a beautiful home. We like it just fine in the slow lane down this way too. Have a great day. gafarmwoman Pam

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