Shearing Day and Spring Updates on Dream Come True Farm

| 4/15/2014 3:28:00 PM

Dream Come True Fiber FarmHi there, it's Pam from Dream Come True Fiber Farm in Connecticut farm country. It's spring on the farm, which means lots of good things are happening. New chickens arrived with a wonderful new chicken coop! I'm excited to have this coop because it’s actually up off the ground, and the chickens are in at night with a very secure 1/4-inch wire to keep them safe. They are also lucky to have a wonderful little henhouse with nesting boxes.

quail eggsAs I said, being off the ground at night makes me happy, I don’t have to worry about something digging up under and killing our chickens. Then in the early part of the morning, I open their door and down the ramp they go one by one. Then I get to enjoy them all cackling all day long. How I love that sound. We are in our second year with quail so the chicken eggs are a nice addition to our breakfast.

We do a small scale coop, just enough for us. Our quail eggs, we get enough to sell to one regular customer, which helps with our feed bill.

chicken coop

silkie hen  Rooster

It's also shearing time on the farm. This year we are shearing one Wensleydale sheep, one Teeswater sheep, one Finn sheep, four Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep. We also have two llamas and five  pygora goats to shear. A nice selection of wool for a fiber fanatic like me. A spinner’s flock (variety of fiber animals) has worked out wonderfully. We are still home to two miniature geldings horses as well. And of course our four dogs!