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Secrets In a Horse's Eyes

| 3/22/2012 11:52:44 AM

Karen Kirkpatrick 

headshot“The eyes of a horse hold secrets beyond the universe.” – Anonymous 

It was March, 2009.  I was in Arizona visiting friends who own a horse farm.  One beautiful afternoon, I was in the pasture admiring a beautiful Arabian gelding.  Now, understand that I am a horse-lover, especially of Arabian horses and he was a beauty.  We stood there for awhile – him enjoying having his neck rubbed, and me appreciating the opportunity to spend time with this horse and the four other horses grazing nearby.  Suddenly, I heard dogs barking and hooves pounding the ground.  The last thing I remember is being pushed and looking at the cement-like ground as I fell to meet it.

Apparently, a neighbor let out her herding dogs and they decided to do with they do best – herd the horses in the pasture.  I can assure you, being caught in a horse stampede is not for the faint-of heart, but, fortunately, my injuries were not life-threatening.  I was extremely lucky.

A day or two later, I was standing by the fence of that same pasture, again petting the beautiful gelding, when a friend came by to inquire how I was.  As we talked, I looked past the Arabian and there was my lost-during-the-stampede-baseball cap in the middle of the field.  I turned back to my friend and mentioned that I needed to get it, and we resumed our conversation.

Suddenly, he said, “Karen, turn around!”

I turned around to see the Arabian trotting back from the pasture with my cap in his mouth.  He brought my cap to me, turned and trotted off.

Meriah Parke
2/24/2013 8:45:47 AM

wow that gave me the chills...ive always said my blue roanQHknows what im saying or feeling.His Name is Spirit, my late husband and i got him when he was 4months oldhe is now almost 4,but anyways i almost feel that the name Spirit was meant to be, its like my late husband is trapped in my horse. since the very moment my husband passed away in the horse pasture from being electricuted my horse Spirit (mind you I had 3other horsesin the same pasture and were all eating all4 of them together in the same spot) went to my husbands lifeless body and started nuddging him then came over to me while im trying to wake my husband up and give him CPR (I didnt know at the time he had been electricuted) and started nuddging me in the back when the peramedics got there i was asked to tie my Horse up cause no matter what anyone did Spirit was right in the middle of it. For MONTHS upon Months id be out there in the pasture upset or crying Spirit would come up to me and lay his head on my shoulder(like he was giving me a hug) or put his head downand put his forehead up against my chest, an to this day will do the same when im angry or upset about somethin. and yes i talk to my horses as if they were people, but when i talk to spirit its like hes listening...I Think my Husbands spirit is in my Horse! CRAZY- Huh? ill never get rid of this horse NO MATTER WHAT !!!!!!!!!

Hans Quistorff
3/31/2012 8:13:13 AM

Reminds me of the time my mothers horse decided to run with the elk one nit and lost her blanket. When she returned the next morning, my mother said you silly horse now you will have to spend the next night in the cold without your blanket. When she was saddled and packed the horse promptly turned and wen directly to where sh had lost the blanket..

Bumpkin M
3/30/2012 5:35:59 PM

Great share, Karen! Thanks! You just experienced something I have had fun experimenting with for many years. While it is difficult to prove, (maybe impossible, given one cannot guarantee results every time-after all, animals have freedom of choice, too) I am certain, through about 50 years of experiences, that animals communicate through the mind instead of the mouth- ie, telepathically. They 'hear' your thoughts. Granted, some of them, like my silly Black Lab, Kingsley, tune us out mostly- he is a tad (OK, BIG tad) hyper, though. My other dog, KaChing, a Black Lab-Chow X, listens and responds appropriately, although she has emotional issues. I have 'talked' to, and was responded appropriately to, by my cats, several of my dogs, horses, a rooster, a few hens, a wild robin, -who flew down to sit on my shoulder as we 'talked' then became my buddy in the Nursery where I worked in the plants at the time, and even Keiko, the killer whale. (OK, he was in a tank, not in the wide-open ocean, but there were other people there, and when I mentally 'spoke' to him, he turned to me, and swam right up to the tank wall, to me. Very fun stuff. Keiko was a bit stuffy, BTW, and rightly so. He was NOT a mouse about it all. I wouldn't want to live in a tank, either. Karen, congrats on making friends with the Arabian Gelding. He wont forget you! -A word of warning to curious onlookers: I have noticed that many animals dislike arrogance, so take care to be humble when experimenting with thought-talking with them! -No, I am not all that good at understanding their 'talk' but they know I try. One can, however, get a feel for their 'vibes' (emotional state) by listening after attempting to mind-talk with them. Try it!

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