Random Thoughts on Waiting

| 2/25/2011 8:41:56 AM

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A photo of Shannon SaiaA few days ago, my daughter pulled Oh The Places You’ll Go down off the bookshelf and asked me to read it to her. I did, and when I got to the pages about “the waiting place,” I had one of those “a-ha!” kind of moments.


 Waiting till construction’s done 

 Or waiting for some weekend fun 

 Waiting for fire to catch a log 

 Or for inspiration to write a blog 

Cindy Murphy
3/1/2011 7:29:23 AM

It's kind of funny in an ironic sort of way, how I read this, Shannon. I read it on Friday....skimmed it, really, because I had to do something, be somewhere; I honestly can't remember. I knew though, after skimming, I wanted to get back to it when I had more time. Which was this morning, and even then I started reading, had to stop to rush out the door, wait for the dog to finish rolling in the snow, wait for Shannon to play with the dog rolling in the snow, walk to the bus stop, and wait for the school bus. Finally, four days after I first started reading, I finished. Beautiful piece of writing - and well worth the wait. Cindy

2/28/2011 11:36:57 AM

I can honestly say that you have said it all. Life sometimes seems like we hurry up to wait, at stop lights, running home from work, rush to check out at a grocery store. Hurry and wait, Hurry and wait. I think you have found the joy in the in-between, of hurry and wait.

Nebraska Dave
2/25/2011 4:32:35 PM

Shannon, awesome piece of writing. It captures all the nuances of patience and waiting. I gave up waiting long ago. Waiting involves thinking about the anticipated and impatience is wanting the anticipated now. For me I just find a good project and before I know it the anticipated has arrived some times sooner than anticipated. :) Have a great pudding day.

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