Raising Chickens: What I Don't Know


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A photo of Vickie MorganIf everything goes alright and the city I live in passes a chicken ordinance, I could have chickens by the spring. I’m excited at that prospect, but lately just a little nagging question has crept in to my thoughts and keeping me up at night, repeating itself over and over again, What on earth do I know about raising chickens? Then the answer comes just a bit more softly but not by much, Not a thing, absolutely nothing. I’m a city girl who wants to raise chickens so I can have fresh eggs, and frankly I don’t know a thing about how to raise them. Spring will be here sooner than I think and I’d better get some answers quick.

A chicken that Vickie might someday ownSo, what are the questions I want to know the answers to? Since I first started writing this I found out the answers to a few but still there are a lot. Well here they are (try not to laugh too hard):

How many eggs do they lay a day? Well, that was easy look up on the Internet most places said one a day, but one site said something about resting here and there and you might get 5 eggs a week from one hen. What do they need to rest for? Oh no, another question.

Are they loud? Another look on the Internet, and I found out that roosters are the ones that are loud, but apparently chickens just cluck and make louder noises when bothered. Okay, what or who is going to bother my chickens. Sheesh, another question.

What kind of coop do I need and how much will it cost? At first a portable one seemed like the answer until I considered our harsh winters and then decided a more permanent one will be the best choice. The price of chicken coops can be sky high but I’m looking for a cheap chicken coop now on craigslist – I’m just holding off until I make sure the ordinance passes.

A chicken coop

2/2/2010 2:29:46 PM

Rodeo, While I'm waiting on the city council -I've been reading all I can about chicken raising -these comments have helped. Did someone make the chicken coop? I don't want to get ahead of myself and do anything quite yet but it is good to research while I have the time. Oh we have a grandson too -who is fast asleep right now-(he is 4 months)- he will probably be fascinated by the chickens when they come. I think goats would be fun too but I guess we don't really have the room. I have heard some wonderful goat stories. vickie

Rodeo Princess
2/2/2010 1:24:41 PM

Vickie: I would work on your husband with the goat thing- they add a certain touch of chaos to a farm that lightens things up now and then. Just watch your back and carry a spray bottle of water! I have the coop that you show with the laying box on the side with the hinged lid now, but for years, we just had a two tiered laying box in one of the stalls in the barn, and we did alright. The coop came because the youngest grandson got into chickens and he said they needed a 'clubhouse'. I think it needs wheels. That would be very cool, but I wonder if my chickens would really do anything different if the house moved - they wander all over anyway. Keep us posted about your progress and of course, send us pictures of chicks. I can not get enough of chicks!

1/19/2010 10:50:30 AM

Susan, Living in such a beautiful country place like you do you need to have chickens for sure! Thanks for stopping by. vickie

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