2015 GRIT's Guide to Backyard Rabbits 

2015 GRIT's Guide to Backyard RabbitsAre you considering adding livestock to your homeplace? You may be looking at chickens, but why not take a closer look at rabbits.

Yes, rabbits, for meat, for the manure to help your garden grow, and for the fur to work with in fiber art and crafts. Or you could have a youngster in 4-H who would like to show the lagomorphs. Where do you start?

You start with the fourth edition of GRIT's Guide to Backyard Rabbits. The 2015 issue includes articles on raising rabbits, selecting heritage breeds for meat or show, creating homes and equipment for your rabbits, feeding and breeding advice, living with wild rabbits in your garden, and calming and showing your pets.

Pick up a copy of the 2015 GRIT's Guide to Backyard Rabbits, learn more about the creatures you hope to add to your homestead, and discover an unusual, yet practical, breed of animals to populate your backyard.

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