Rabbit Befriends Cat, an Unlikely Tail

| 4/19/2012 8:53:47 AM

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Carrot the RabbitJoan Pritchard HeadshotPet-wise, I’ve been a cat person for years, but this spring an opportunity presented a ten week old rabbit to me for adoption.  I had the usual apprehensions about mixing a rabbit with a friendly cat, but “Carrot” fit right in and all is going well.

I had childhood experience with rabbits, and I must say the current options for cages are a vast improvement.  The one I selected is easy to clean and is on rollers, so it can be moved to more ideal locations.

Carrot was litter-box trained in a week, and with well-timed feeding I am able to let him free in the house without accident for short times.  Oddly enough, the cat seems to take care of him, attempting to herd him to her desired locations.  He wants to play tag with her, but she can’t seem to catch on to the game. I think a few more days together should bring a rousing game of tag & herd.

They are already friends, and Whiskers-the-cat tries to move the bowl toward him in the cage.  She lies beside him, keeping him company.  A day ago, when I rolled the cage through the French doors onto the patio, Whiskers was quite distressed, knowing he was not supposed to be out there.  I turned to find Carrot on his hind legs, reaching for the cat, and the cat inside the screen on hers, reaching for him.  Hearing her whimper, I saw the situation and rolled my eyes skyward.  “This is pathetic,” I thought.  

Seeing their friendship develop is the highlight of the day.  I do admit that I wonder if the neighbors are calling me the wacky rabbit lady.  They better not be!  They are the ones with the pooper-scoopers behind their large dogs.

I must say, rabbits have quite dignified food processing systems.  They are clean little guys, and this one likes to be held.  I’ll keep you posted on how this all develops.  So far my farm report says rabbits are fine pets.

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6/18/2012 1:24:21 PM

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