PVC Chicken Feeder Lola 

 PVC Chicken Feeder 1 

Wasted chicken feed drives me nuts and I was determined to build a better feeder than those commercially available. After much research, contemplating dozens of designs and several iterations of my own, I am now happy with my feeder. There are no longer piles of wasted grain on the floor, which makes me, my chickens and my feed budget happy. I made my feeder, and you can make one too, for aprroximately $12.00 and in 20 minutes or less. 

This is the finished feeder in my "Little Deuce Coop."

 PVC Chicken Feeder 2 


amy cooper senne
2/17/2013 1:05:01 AM

thank you for the idea! putting ours together tomorrow!! :)

shelly merino-troup
12/29/2012 3:55:46 PM

This is a great idea for grit and shells....I went one step further by putting small holes in the dish (so if it rains the water flows through the grit and shells and doesn't settle in the bottom, it works great! Thanks for a great idea!!!

kathy mormino
6/29/2012 3:27:42 AM

Alana, congratulations! You have won a copy of the book "LARD, The Lost Art of Cooking with Your Grandmother's Secret Ingredient" AND a subscripton to GRIT MAGAZINE!! Please contact me within 7 days to claim your prize! Kathy@The-Chicken-Chick.com

kathy mormino
6/29/2012 3:25:19 AM

I hope it works out as well for you as it does for me, Christy!

kathy mormino
6/29/2012 3:24:53 AM

Thanks Charles!

kathy mormino
6/29/2012 3:24:38 AM

Thanks Jennifer! I've even made them for my rabbit hutch brooder on a much smaller scale.

jennifer llanes alderson
6/29/2012 2:10:30 AM

Awesome idea. May have to make one once our girls are old enough to go outside

charles vance
6/29/2012 1:56:32 AM

great idea!!

laura pasicznyk-abdnor
6/28/2012 10:44:47 PM

Awesome Idea!!!!! Much cleaner than pan feeding. Thank You so much. This will be a project very soon.

christy brink kimble
6/28/2012 10:43:54 PM

I have my husband getting started on this now. We have one coop that has terrible waste.

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 9:49:05 PM

Thanks C.C. If you go to my blog, you will see a post on Vanilla Christmas Tree automobile air fresheners for fly control. Strange as it sounds, they work!

c.c. tassin
6/28/2012 7:21:16 PM

Can't wait to make this, it's a great idea!!! Can anyone tell me what they do to keep flies away? I use DE and have set up fly traps, I've caught several flies but it isn't enough. I'd appreciate any advise.

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 5:12:50 PM

Thanks Tracy. ☺

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 5:12:41 PM

I hope you didn't tell him that his to-do list just got longer because of ME! LOL It is very simple and quick to install. :)

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 5:11:51 PM

My pleasure, Amy. Thank you!

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 5:11:37 PM

I love the recycling idea Paula! Poor chubby squirrel! LOL

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 5:10:28 PM

LOL Renee! My pleasure. :)

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 5:10:07 PM

Thank you Suzi and welcome to chicken-keeping!!

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 5:09:24 PM

My pleasure Sharon! :)

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 5:09:12 PM

Thanks Alana!

tracy sheakley
6/28/2012 3:46:05 PM

Brilliant! Love it!

audrey siebert
6/28/2012 3:43:39 PM

After seeing this on your blog I told my hubby I wanted to make them for my chickens! This is our weekend project for THIS Saturday!!! I'm so excited! With this heat we are doing "smaller projects", so I'm glad he agrees this is a small project! Thank you for your detailed instructions! Looking forward to adding this to my coop!

amy sly
6/28/2012 3:18:04 PM

This is an excellent idea, thanks! Amy/Kaza

paula warrener-lackey
6/28/2012 2:23:32 PM

My husband built a similar gravity-fed feeder using PVC, except he used the aluminum bottom of a large old open poultry feeder we already had. That pan sits on a cement slab, well away from the fencing & predator's paws. The pipe goes straight up, then angles over & inclines upwards, passing under the nesting boxes, where the opening is accessible from the outside the coop. The opening is currently covered with an old coffee can, which gets hung on two nails when we add new feed. Since the squirrels quickly learned to remove the can, we also lay a large plywood board against the can. (Having to disassemble the feeder once to rescue a very fat but irate squirrel was more than enough lol!) Using a slightly smaller diameter pipe & cap, some heavy-gauge wire, and a nicely-whittled block of wood, he built a longish "bucket" to carry the feed in. One end of the pipe is capped, the other is cut on a rounded angle for easy pouring into the gravity-feed pipe. The handle fits into two holes drilled on opposite sides of the pipe, aligned so the pouring lip is centered. Its just long enough to clear the lip so that knuckles don't get scraped, & just wide enough to keep the bucket from sliding down the feeder tube. (Having to disassemble the feeder once to rescue the container we'd been using was more than enough lol!)

renee miller
6/28/2012 2:03:18 PM

I ment corner litter boxes.So excited by the idea i was ahead of my typing

renee miller
6/28/2012 2:02:24 PM

Thank you for the wonderful idea.I see these corner feeders often at second hand stores.

suzi toppin
6/28/2012 1:25:45 PM

This is very creative! I'm just starting out learning about raising chickens and this idea will help a great deal!

mike clack
6/28/2012 10:00:26 AM

Thank you for posting this! Like you I have been wasting a lot of feed this will definately help me to save money.Again thank you so very much.

sharon trim
6/28/2012 7:09:34 AM

thank you so much for this post - cant wait to get one made from my chickens.....:-)

6/28/2012 6:24:23 AM

Great ideas! And the detailed, step-by-step photos are so helpful too! Thank you!

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 4:45:27 AM

ROFL Brit, sorry! You don't have to impletment them all at once BUT...they're all inexpensive and simple enought to do that you COULD! LOL Don't tell your husband I'm to blame for your shopping trips either!

britny garcia
6/28/2012 3:00:30 AM

Kathy, stop with all the ideas!! Just kidding, please don't stop with all the ideas! :) I just finished making the waterers and I love them!! I hope my chickens are as excited as I am. I'm off to Lowe's to buy the PVC and I just ordered the litter pans...my husband thinks I'm crazy! :) Thank you for your wonderful detailed instructions.

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 2:55:54 AM

That's one of the great things about these feeders, most of us have/had the materials already on-hand!

nikki ashley
6/28/2012 2:29:51 AM

Thank you for sharing this! I showed the husband and he plans on installing them soon. I believe he has almost all the materials for it.

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 2:15:57 AM

Gotcha, Whittni. ;) Good luck!

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 2:15:41 AM

Thanks James. I'd love to know how yours turns out!

whittni o'brien
6/28/2012 2:14:07 AM

Entering for the chicken chick giveaway :D

james price
6/28/2012 2:09:55 AM

I think this is a great idea and i am going to try it.

kathy mormino
6/28/2012 2:06:10 AM

My pleasure Kelly. I'd love to see how yours comes out!

kelly andersen
6/28/2012 2:04:15 AM

Agreed, I too am tired of wasted feed. This is such a great idea. I'm going to show my hubby and see if we can provide one of these of our Chickies! Thanks for sharing!

6/28/2012 1:50:31 AM

Nice feeder, I wonder if I could do this on a smaller scale (my coop is very small and only houses 3 hens).

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