Pulling a Kid, Part 2

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                            Pulling a kid, Part 2

Remember his information is “in general” as not every labor is the same

and for the most part, the doe won’t have a problem. When only one leg

is out and the nose is showing, this is not a big issue. The kid can still

be born without your help. If the leg is over the head, just move it into

the normal position. This means you have to go in and feel it. But, it is 

not harder for mom to deliver with the leg back. If one leg is back, it will

give more room for the head. This is really, not an issue. Mom can do it

with me watching; but if the head is also back, go for the other leg to be

correct. This means going deep to hook the knee with your finger. It will

slip out easier. If you see one hoof andthe nose, she can do it.  I’ve had

some kids when finely in the right direction they shoot  out with the next

push from mom. YEAH!

 The photo above is of 1 front leg and the head. She delivered fine. The kids tongue is still nice and pink so that was good. This was a doe kid.

Now, I’ve had plenty of heads coming and no feet. NOT fun. The shoulders get

hung up on the pelvis. So, the head HAS to go back in so you can get at least

one front hoof in the exit lane. Again, if mom is stressed, get the other hoof and

GET THAT KID OUT! I better say that when things, feet and head, are in the

correct position, it goes better.  To me, I don’t do anything till the water breaks.

If mom is pushing and pushing with nothing happening, I will go in with fingers

only to “see” what is going on by feel. If I have to break the water, that kid is

coming out with my help. Jumping the gun is a thing I have to weigh. If I break

the water and feel a foot, then I may give it 15 minutes. All this does depend on

how far apart the contractions are. If any of you have been in labor, you know

what I mean (sorry guys). You don’t have to pull with mom pushing; she’ll

push when you pull also.  When the kid is past the shoulders, pull with the kid

heading toward moms hocks, NOT straight out. Downwards motion. Mom can

 be standing or lying down. Remember, downward motion, not straight out.

This doeling is MilkMaidRanch NA Chardonnay and is a 2nd generation Mini-Alpine that is polled, meaning she won’t grow horns. She is a big kid and a single but with some pulling she is fine and growning nicely. The kid’s back can break if straight out.

I hope these will be read in order. You may print them out for future use.

The harder deliveries will be in the next post.

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