Producer Profile: Cheshire Farm Alpacas

| 9/21/2012 3:31:08 PM

 Cheshire Farm Alpacas 

I was honored to score an interview with Karen, from Cheshire Farm Alpacas.  She is an absolutely wonderful lady with a great sense of humor and outlook on life.  Read on to learn more about their farm and charming alpacas!

Describe your operation. 

Cheshire Farm is all about alpacas! We fashioned the whole farm around a Peruvian Theme - That's why we also grow gourds and have chickens that lay colored eggs!

Gourds have long been used in Peru for bowls, vessels, hats, and even musical instruments.

Our chickens are araucanas which are believed to originally have been carried over from South America by the Araucanian Indians of Chile.

Karen Garton
9/24/2012 5:06:28 PM

Thanks Alexandra for the great blog! Yes Dave they are very cuddly!!!!! And their fiber is as warm as wool but softer. It is also non allergenic! Makes beautiful yarn!

9/22/2012 11:25:22 PM

Alexandra, very cute animals. Are they as cuddly as they look? They are grow for there fiber? Is it similar to wool? At one time I just thought Alpacas and Lamas were the same but I now know from one of our previous conversations that they are not the same. Have a great Alpaca day.