The Good and Bad of Keeping Guinea Fowl

| 7/14/2014 9:26:00 AM

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Jenna TygerBefore we bought our farm, I knew little about chickens, and even less about guinea fowl. Actually, I’d never heard of them before. My husband heard they were good guard birds, so we found someone selling them on Craigslist and nabbed six up. We lost one as a keet, and then two more were killed by a predator after we put them in the coop. For most of the last four years, we had three. We recently lost one to a raccoon, and are down to two.

Guinea Keets

Our Three Guineas

Guinea Fowl

I’ve met several guinea fowl keepers now, and they all love their guinea fowl. I’ll admit, though, that they aren’t my favorite birds. Here are some things that you should know if you ever consider keeping guineas. Some of these items could be pros or cons depending on your point of view.

– They eat bugs. They’re known for keeping the tick population down, and they’ll do it without hurting your plants.

7/28/2014 10:11:54 AM

Just this morning I was looking at an ad to buy some guinea fowl.I have never had them before. If they are bullies, can they not share a coop with the chickens? Do you supplement feed them as well? I live in Brazil and here they are served in restaurants often, and are very popular.

7/16/2014 7:28:22 PM

I've heard that hens aren't great mothers and don't take very good care of the babies so they may not end up with very many, if any. I hate the bully part - they're such jerks. -Jenna

7/16/2014 7:23:14 PM

The neighbor that they are bothering is fairly close...maybe an acre away? -Jenna

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