Poultry From the 1871 Exhibition in New Orleans

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The week of November 23, 1871 (it was Thursday), the Fifth Grand Exhibition of the Mechanics and Agricultural Fair Association was in progress and the following is the report of poultry published in the New Orleans-based Our Home Journal. Those mentioned in the article were certainly not the only types on exhibition, but comprise what the editor considered the best of the lot. Photos are from my flock.  


“POULTRY —The display of poultry was really one of the great attractions of the Fair, and has never been equaled or even approached at any of our previous exhibitions. All, or nearly all, the improved and ‘fancy’ classes were fully represented; and though our notes were copious, we can only mention a few of the most remarkable. These were Light and Dark Brahamas (very fine – especially two trios of the Light variety); Buff, White and Partridge Cochins; Gray Dorkings; Black Spanish; Game fowls of many strains – some quite excellent; Houdans; Creve Cours; White Leghorns; Bantams of various kinds, etc. Also Rouen, Aylesbury, Muscovy and White Crested Ducks; African, Hong Kong and Bremen Geese; Guinea fowls; fancy Pigeons, etc. Some of the finest specimens, and probably the greatest variety of fowls on exhibition, were brought here by a gentleman from Pennsylvania, and not a few were disposed of at prices too fabulous, almost, to mention.”

Our Home Journal, Nov. 25, 1871. 

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