Foods You Should NOT Feed To Chickens

| 1/10/2017 9:53:00 AM

Nathan Lott

Story time!

A few years ago, on a warm, sunny, October afternoon, I found myself armed with a dust mask, a pair of gloves, a shovel, and a broom — all geared up and ready to clean out the ol' chicken coop.

It may sound crazy, but before long, I was having the time of my life: hummin' songs, scrapin' dried chicken poop, and scoopin' up dusty straw ... But I was jolted out of my peaceful reverie when a little gray mouse came out of nowhere and scampered right over my feet. (Apparently, I'd inadvertently demolished his nest with my cleaning.)

The poor little beggar made it out of the wreckage unscathed, but then he made the mistake of running right past me and into the chicken yard, where our fat old hens were scratching!

Now, I was still kinda new to raising chickens at the time, and I'd always thought they were more or less vegetarians, y'know? Sure, they’d eat a grasshopper now and then, or scratch up the occasional earthworm, but their diet consisted mainly of grains and legumes and other plant-based stuff, didn't it?

12/27/2017 3:57:24 PM

Ask anybody who knows chickens, they know what not to eat.

12/27/2017 3:57:23 PM

Chickens know what they can't eat, ask Justin Rhodes the chicken man.

12/27/2017 1:55:18 PM

I've read that some foods chickens will not eat or shouldn't eat.. but my hens go through my compost piles with gusto and there is all kinds of food scraps in there and so far all my hens and 2 roos are healthy...