My First Poultry Expo

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader

I have been raising chickens for about four years now. I didn’t seek it out; it came to me when I ended up with a stray chicken. My husband wanted chickens anyway, so we bought another one and started our chicken journey. Everything that I have learned has been on the job and through Internet research.

My husband noticed an advertisement for a backyard poultry expo in the local newspaper. He was unable to attend, but suggested that I go. I agreed, because it was something new and I liked the idea of meeting other like-minded individuals. This was the first time that I attended a chicken-related event. The cost was only $10, and lunch was included. It seemed like a good deal!

There was a nice presentation on the history of chickens and a lot of information about bio security and various chicken diseases. They also talked about proper feed. Not all of the information was new, but it is always good to be reminded of things. We could certainly do better on the homestead. I am going to switch to nipple waterers, and I would really like to change our feeders as well. The sparrows love eating our layer pellets — I need to deter them.

Other good information concerned coop set up. I am always interested in coops. They talked about how rectangular was better than square. They also mentioned that an east-west orientation was good. I had never heard of using rice or peanut hulls for coop litter, but that was a topic, too.

There were multiple vendors that we could visit with on breaks. There was a nice coop model for us to check out. I fell in love with a handsome bantam rooster that was there. And free samples are always nice! Plus I met some nice people who live in my area, and I am hoping that we can connect and become friends. I really don’t know many people in my neighborhood, and certainly no one else raising chickens or other poultry.

The poultry expo was certainly worth attending. The information was excellent. If I knew I was getting into raising chickens, I would definitely have wanted to attend something like this. I would recommend it to anyone just getting started or thinking about getting started. The one I attended was part of college agriculture programs.

  • Published on Oct 13, 2016
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