Reasons for Raising Ducks

Raising ducks makes perfect sense for the homestead, from helping in the garden to reducing insects and producing eggs and more. 

January/February 2015

By Dave Holderread

Flock of Muscovy Ducklings

The popularity of ducks — often described as the happiest animals in the barnyard — is increasing in many areas of the world. It appears that the rest of us are beginning to understand what many in Asia and Europe have known for centuries: Ducks are one of the most versatile and useful of all domestic fowl. For many circumstances, it is difficult to find a better all-purpose bird than the duck.

Duck attributes

There are many reasons why people raise ducks. These amazingly adaptable fowl produce meat and eggs efficiently; in many situations require a minimum of shelter from inclement weather; are active foragers; consume large quantities of flies, mosquito larvae, and a wide variety of garden pests (such as slugs, snails and grubs) and weed seeds; produce useful feathers; and are exceptionally healthy and hardy. A wonderful bonus to their myriad practical qualities is the entertaining antics and beauty they add to our lives.