Our Wild and Crazy Indian Runner Ducks

We wanted to do an update on our Indian Runner ducks. Well, about all we can say is “bless their hearts.” We just feel so sorry for them. They are absolutely terrified of everything.

We purchased them to forage for bugs on the farm. We were hoping they would help keep the slugs and the Japanese beetles under control, but so far they are yet to leave their pen. When they see that we have left the door open, they run away from the door loudly quacking bloody murder. They run as far away from the opened door as possible. Making a small, tight, duck wad, they step all over each other, each trying to get closer and closer to the center of the cluster of seven ducks. If we circle around them and try to herd them out the open door, the poor things run from us and toward the open door. Then in an instant, they all at the same time seem to realize, “OMG the door is open!!! The horror of it!!! RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!” The ducks’ nervous breakdown is now complete. The poor things make a mad dash to the door of their duck room in the barn, where they remain until they think all danger has passed. Just hiding out in the dark until that evil door is once again closed and latched.

Once we decided to catch the ducks and place them out in the orchard, right next to their pen. BAD idea. The poor little soul we caught first ran into the duck pen from the outside over and over trying to get INTO the pen. His misery was so sad. We don’t know what we have done to mess up these poor little ducks so badly. It really is a shame; we so wish they could enjoy free-ranging on the farm. But right now we are just hoping for some duck eggs.

If you have Indian Runner ducks and have any ideas that might help, please let us know.

Run away!

Don’t open it!

Hurry! Let’s hide in here.

Thank goodness, the evil door is latched.

  • Published on Jul 28, 2016
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