Working Chickens, Part 5: Roosts, Coops and Nesting Boxes

| 12/14/2016 1:40:00 PM

LindsayChicken run and chickens

Now, I am not what I would call an expert on chickens, but we’ve been keeping them for a few years now and we love to experiment. That means we’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way here at Haven Homestead. Based on this, here are some ways you can make your chicken coops work for you.

More Chicken Math: Coop and Roost Space

If you’ve read my earlier posts, you’ll know that I know that numbers matter, but for me numbers are hard. That is why I love having a community to help me with it. The best resource I’ve found is this article on the Natural Chicken Keeping Blog. Check it out for the numbers and math you’ll need to do before you build your coops.

Keep on reading for some stories and lessons we’ve learned from experience.

The Chicken Tractor Experience

When we first got hens, my husband was greatly enamored with the idea of a chicken tractor. It was a moveable coop, we wouldn’t have to feed the hens as much or build a run, and we wouldn’t have to do any mucking out of anything. They pooped where you put them, and that’s where you left it!