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Amanda StoffelsRaising chickens has been addicting. There should be a warning out there letting people know the risk of walking by baby chicks. It should be something like: "Warning! Chickens sold here. People may become extremely attached, hours will be spent watching them roam, and the need to buy them treats will arise. "

Henrietta Our Original Hen

It all started for me when I went to the feed store to pick up some dog food. It was spring time, and they had baby chicks! I went home and began to convince my husband we needed chickens. By time I was able to convince him, build a coop, and head back to the feed store they were down to four pullets. I was SO excited! The obsession had begun.

 Our Original Pullets first night in the coop

I began to ask family and friends what to name them. Can you believe that people suggested names like Nugget, Fried Chicken, and Finger Licken' Good!? Within a day we lost one to a hole in the fence. I was very upset and quickly made more repairs to make the coop just right. I asked if we could buy more as three just seemed like an odd number, but my husband insisted we stick with the originals until we get an egg at least. He has been my good sense through all of this. 

I found myself locking the dogs up every evening so that the chickens could forage in the backyard. The kids and I began to watch the chickens roam as the sun went down. Right as the sun set the chickens lined up and walked into the coop like Mother Nature had called for bedtime. The kids giggled and laugh at the silly chickens headed off to bed. We were hooked!

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