Saying Goodbye to a Pet Chicken

| 11/30/2017 8:47:00 AM

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Faithful Homesteader 

There has been a lot of loss on the homestead this year. This week I said goodbye to my third chicken this year and I was devastated. I am thankful for the people who understand that it is more than a chicken. There are those who know the loss of a pet can hit hard.

Kota Pretty

My hen Kota came to us in March and I sure hated to lose her so soon. A couple weeks ago we noticed that she had hurt herself. She was having trouble getting around. We worked to make sure that she did not do any further damage and it seemed like she was doing better. She seemed like she was eating all the time and that actually reminded me of our hen Barbie who died earlier in the year. Barbie had coccidiosis, but the normal treatment of Corid was not enough to help her improve. She ended up being really underweight.

I then noticed that Kota had runny and yellow poo. Immediately I started treatment and even bought fresh product in case ours was too old. She seemed pretty normal at that point, but the next day late in the day, she seemed more off and was a bit puffed up.

The day after that she was on the bottom of the coop when I opened up, but when I brought out the treats, she came running with the rest of the flock. We did separate her that day because we could still tell that she was having some issues. She still had plenty of life in her though and she fought being isolated.

12/7/2017 1:55:35 PM

Thanks for sharing. I don't like the pain, but I can't imagine not having animals in my life. Hope you have a great day.

12/1/2017 4:09:18 PM

Faithful Homesteader, It's always tough to say goodbye to a pet. It's one of the reasons I don't have animals any more. Over the course of my life, I've had dogs, cats, pigs, cows, fish, gerbils guinea pigs, and even a bird once. Oh, and lets not forget the rabbits. It was always my job to take then to be euthanized when the time came. Pets just don't live long enough. So now my grandson, who lives with me, would love to have a dog. Nope, I'm not giving in. No more animals for me. Perhaps when he and his mother moves into their own place, they will have a dog. So I know a little bit about having to say goodbye to pets. ***** Have the best day that you can. ***** Nebraska Dave

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