My Chickens Are Broody

I started out with one broody chicken. Our little Buster is a hard case because whenever we break her of her broodiness, she starts crowing. This always worries me because of our neighbors. Since I was planning to go out of town, I really didn’t want to leave the crowing for our house/pet sitter to deal with so I did only small things to break the broodiness.

She was spending some time out of the coop foraging, dust bathing, eating and drinking. Because of that, I was less concerned about aggressively breaking the broodiness. Our other chicken was a bit bored at times and this was a bigger concern for me. I tried to spend time with both of them, but the heat and humidity is affecting me more this summer than normal.

A lack of privacy is not deterring these two.

There were times when our non-broody hen Keypone would start to act a little broody, but she continued to lay and use the roost at night. This past week she has started spending her time including nights, in the nesting box and has not laid an egg for a few days. I am finally convinced she is full on broody. I had read about how broodiness could spread to other chickens, but this is the first time that I am dealing with both my chickens being broody at the same time.

Even though there are two nesting boxes, they often crowd into the same one. I take them out of the boxes several times a day so that they will eat, drink and do other chicken things. I am starting to lock them out of the coop for portions of the day now that I don’t expect Keypone will lay again any time soon. They sure hate when they can’t get in and will wait at the door or hang out on top of the coop. They can get pretty fussy.

I think it is somewhat funny how they cluck the whole time even when they are occupied with other things. As long as they are out of the nesting boxes, they are clucking. It is so interesting to me to see how persistent they can be in their broodiness. They are quite the broody pair. Now I am going to have to get more aggressive to break them and hope I don’t end up with a crowing hen in the process.

  • Published on Jul 1, 2016
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