Chicken Drama on the Homestead

| 9/2/2016 8:57:00 AM

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Faithful HomesteaderIt has been a challenging month on the homestead. First, I had to deal with one hen’s prolapsed vent and then our other chicken went broody. My cat also has a urinary tract infection. I am just ready for everyone to get back to normal. I have certainly had enough chicken and cat drama for now.

Chickens on the coop.

Our sweet cat

Buster, the hen with the prolapsed vent, spent a good deal of time inside for over a week because we were trying to stop her from laying eggs. We needed to give her time to heal. It took awhile, but she finally quit laying, and I put her back outside to get her back to a normal routine. Now she is molting big time.

It has been over a week, and she is still not back to her old self. She crows most every morning inside the coop. She spends a lot of time in the coop, and that was not her normal behavior in the past. Our chickens are pasture-raised and normally they only lay eggs and sleep in the coop. I don’t know if part of this had to do with getting used to spending so much time indoors in our chicken hotel, or because our other chicken decided to be a moody broody. Maybe it is a little of both.

I would have been okay with Buster going broody, but instead it was our other one, Keypone. Part of me wondered if it was boredom because she spent a lot of the day alone when Buster was inside. However, we did try to spend time with her. It seemed like this time she was extra moody and mean. For the first time ever, she pecked me.

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