Cereal Killers

Reader Contribution by Nancy Addie

It is spring! How do I know? Because I had my first bowl of cereal on my log swing with Chick Chick and, count them, 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 cats! Yep, it was a unique form of relaxation as I fought off a chicken and four supposedly starving kitties from my bran and fruit. With one eye on my food, those cats managed in turn to swipe at the hen, who in turn pecked back at furry faces. The gang then pushed each other away from me along with a few loud meeeeoooowwwws and a blood curdling SQUAWK!

I ate as fast as I could, throwing some Special K flakes in the middle of the squabble, simply so they would leave me alone. It didn’t work. They transformed from friendly farm animals to chum-inspired sharks circling milky morsels and pounced upon it in a pile of fur and feathers. After the attack, they all looked up at me, silent, with narrowing eyes demanding MORE. With the piercing looks, it was clear a few flakes offered in peace would not suffice, they demanded whole bowl!

I retreated as fast as I could back to the house with my breakfast held high above my head as the pack of cats pursued. One kitty ran in front trying to get me to stop as the other three sprinted to the back door where they stood like soldiers guarding as if to say “nobody in, nobody out!” Chick Chick waited by the swing hoping the cats would succeed and turn me back to the swing where I would reward her for being good. The cats won.

I gave up my cereal and placed it on the porch. It was completely gone within 4.5 seconds. I grudgingly went back to my swing and sat with Chick Chick who was not interested in me anymore now that the food was gone. She jumped down and strutted away looking for early bugs. The kitties relished in their victory and cuddled in the warm sun, paws and tails wrapped around each other in an indistinguishable bundle, glancing at me with a satisfied look of “yep, we rule, you drool.” Who knew cereal killers could be so terrifying and cute all at the same time?!

Photo: Anne Galleries

  • Published on Apr 3, 2014
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