Poultry Nipple Waterer in Quail Coop 

With the addition of quail to my backyard poultry collection recently, I found that they are particularly messy and that keeping the water clean was a constant challenge. This challenge inspired me to make some poultry nipple waterers (PNW) for them. It's not always easy to ensure a clean supply of water to chickens (or other poultry) with traditional waterers, even if the supply is changed several times daily. Chickens foul the water with droppings, dirt and bedding. 

We know that access to clean, fresh water is vital to chickens' health as well as their egg production. Depriving chickens of water for even a few hours can halt egg production for weeks. Self-contained watering systems have been used by the commercial poultry industry for years to eliminate the problems inherent to traditional waterers. Chickens simply tap the end of the nipple to activate the
release of water from the container directly into their mouths. PNW are inexpensive, simple to make and boast certain benefits over traditional waterers:

1) the water is always clean and cleaner water means less exposure to diseases like coccidiosis

2) can be kept inside the coop without spillage concerns (wet bedding creates an environment that fosters diseases and respiratory problems)

3) occupy no floor space,freeing up valuable square footage

Aquabarrel Barrel
10/9/2013 9:32:36 PM

We found that the 'traditional' method of placing the nipples on the bottom of container led to a few problems. When setting them on the ground it was easy to damage a nipple. If the holes that the nipple go into are not drilled and threaded properly you are not able to easily replace a damaged one. This design is much more user friendly: http://www.aquabarrel.com/product_poultry_bucket_waterer_complete.php

6/28/2012 1:25:06 AM

Congratulations Martha! You have won the Happy Hen Treats Giveaway! Please email me with your shipping address: Kathy@The-Chicken-Chick.com

Kathy Mormino
6/27/2012 5:49:47 PM

You're welcome, Britny! Let me know how they turn out!

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