Personalities of the KuneKune Pig

| 10/27/2014 3:03:00 PM

Kathy PetersenIt is often said not to believe everything you read. Well, I can tell you that you can believe this! As amazing as it sounds, it is very true!

KuneKunes have the best personalities!

KuneKunes are a docile, friendly little pig that is capturing the hearts of owners across the United States. They are being used as pets, therapy animals, orchard workers, garden workers (for cleanup, of course) and as homesteading pigs and breeding stock. They are becoming more and more popular for small-scale farmers as they are just so easy to handle. They follow you around like puppies while you are doing your chores. They enjoy he human interaction, but they are also independent enough not to need your attention every moment. If you have the time, they are willing to devote their affection to you and if you are busy, they are happy to graze and interact with each other.

I tell my husband all the time that the pigs are easily than the dogs. (We raise Australian shepherds as well). KuneKunes don’t bark, don’t get fleas and don’t have to come in the house! Did I mention they don’t bark? LOL

New Introductions for KuneKune Piglets

Having three small granddaughters, it was important to me to raise a breed of livestock that I did not have to worry about hurting any of the children. My granddaughters have fed with me, watched piglets be born and even helped clean piglets off when they are born. A mother pig does not seem to mind at all that she has an audience at birthing or even mating. When we give shots to the young piglets and they are squealing, the mother may “fuss” at me verbally but, never does she get aggressive.