Heritage Breed: KuneKune Pigs

| 8/21/2014 9:12:00 AM

Kathy PetersenWelcome to our new Blog. In our blogs we will explore the amazing, grazing KuneKune Pigs and share our daily lives of living with these docile creatures.

So what are KuneKune Pigs? 


Motherly Love
Motherly Love 

KuneKune Pigs are a rare, heritage breed of grazing pigs that are extremely unique in their temperament, friendliness, size and characteristics. These little pigs are fairly new to the United States and are growing in many niche markets. KuneKunes serve many purposes from pets, breeding stock to sustainable agriculture. 

KuneKunes come in a wide array of colors; ginger, black/white, brown/white, black, brown, cream, and my favorite ginger/black. One characteristic of KuneKunes is their distinct wattles under their jowls. They are called “Piri Piri” in New Zealand and here in the USA, we call them wattles. They are two pieces of flesh under the jowl of the pig, similar to goats. Some breeders call them tassels. We will explore more about the inheritance of wattles in later blogs.