Pickin' Chicken App Offers Expanded Guide

Improved version of the illustrated guide now offers information on more than 163 breeds and varieties of chickens.

| March 2, 2012

Austin, Texas — Austin-based Funny Farm Industries and Mother Earth News, the longest-running publication dedicated to sustainable lifestyles, introduce an expanded version of Pickin' Chicken for iOS, their complete, illustrated guide to more than 82 different breeds and 163 varieties of chickens. Included are 19 search categories, rare and heritage breeds, more than 140 new photos, a glossary of terms, a list of resources, and tips on chicken care.

For a limited time, the app will be available at a spring sale download price of $1.99. The new version will be available Friday, March 2.

The app launch is geared toward the novice by asking, "Why do you want chickens?" Navigation through a quick set of questions will bring the user to a results screen on the "Picked Chicks."

Each search result listing includes a thumbnail photo, the breed name, heritage, icons for egg size and color, and the weight at harvest time. Selecting any of the breed listings brings up a summary, including the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s Endangered status for the breed, and a detailed entry on that particular breed of chicken. The breed profile includes full screen photos with zoom abilities and access to an additional online chicken photo gallery.

The more experienced chickenist can drill down to the app's extensive searching capabilities in the “Eggspert” screen. Now offering 19 different searching features, including for those harvesting chickens for the table, the "Eggspert" search function adds: Breed Name or Origin; Standard or Bantam; Temperament; Climate; Flavor Recognition; Weight Range; Comb Type; Housing Suitability; Heritage; Free Range; Forager; Sex Linked; Broody; and American Poultry Association (APA) recognition.

The app uniquely shows a wide array of breeds, their varieties, and photos of different age and gender chickens. For instance, the breed of Old English Game shows 11 different varieties, including Silver Duckwing, White, Lemon Blue, Spangled, and many others.

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When are you going to make this app for Android?

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