LuluBelle Dragonslayer

It is mid-afternoon on a warm Tennessee day. Blondie and Cochise are snoozing in the house with me, Lulu is out wandering the yard. Suddenly, Lulu fires up her ALARM! bark.



Anyone with dogs knows there are different barks for different things. There is the “I see you over there, cat” bark, the “there are clouds in the sky” bark, there is the “it’s going to rain, let me in” bark, the conversational bark, and there is the “something is terribly wrong, everyone get out here” bark. That’s the one Lulu is employing.

Jasper (in his pen) joins in immediately. Cochise picks it up next. Blondie runs around the house huffing and looking out windows for a bit; she’s not an alarmist, she wants to know WHY she’s panicking before she does. When she joins in, both she and Cochise run to the back door to be let out to join the battle. Whatever that battle is.

I, too, am going from window to window to see if I can see what is upsetting Lulu to this extent. This is not their “UPS Truck” bark, nor is it their “vagrant dog” bark. This is their “emergency, come quick” bark. Something rarely employed.

The last time Cochise used it left me wondering about his definition of emergency, but he was adamant that I come see, leading me to the scene, stopping occasionally to see that I was still right behind him. He led me to my Mom’s house. The outcome was odd, but it proved he can do it.

Seeing no reason not to let them out, I open the door. They bolt through and race off … and I follow them at a somewhat slower pace.

Lulu started out on the west side of our fenced yard, barking out toward the other side of the fence. That shifted to barking at my berry house, about 10 feet inside the fence. When the rest of us get there, she is barking at the ground on the east end of the berry house. By now, I have a suspicion of what to be looking for, and I didn’t like it.