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| 1/14/2014 2:46:00 PM

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 New babies

LydiaWe started 2014 by adding two new family members. Since we live out in the country with chickens, rabbits, and soon to have cattle, we decided that our security system needed an upgrade.

Prior to moving to the country, our city-dog had never met a stranger she didn’t like or love. Although she barks at any approaching vehicle within an acre or two, she rolls onto her back for a belly-rub as soon as someone gets within touching distance. I think if she could talk, she would show them to the jewelry and fine china.

Kiki the friendly dog


After reading about various dog breeds, we opted for the Rottweiler breed since they have a good temperament and were originally bred as herding animals. We found someone selling Rottweiler puppies on Craigslist and just fell in love as soon as we met them. Yes, love at first sight happens with puppies! We took the last two girls of the litter, with one being the runt. At 7 weeks, one weighed 7 1/2 pounds and the other 10 pounds.

Kevin N Lydia Kendall
6/20/2014 10:42:29 AM

RC, We had a similar problem with rotties wanting to chase the chickens. We used an e-collar for about a week and it taught the pups very quickly that chickens are not toys. Good luck

Linda Dicks
1/18/2014 11:58:52 PM

Your baby girls are adorable. We are on the 4th Rottie in our lives and at well over 65 have seriously discussed not getting anymore(**) due to their size. Not afraid but when illness happens we may not be able to pick them up and take to vet. What struck me funny is we just got an Aussie puppy which our female Rott baby sits with and has bushels of patience with. (**) I won't hold my breath on that as we LOVE our Rotties!

1/18/2014 2:08:53 PM

I love Rotties! When my house had been broken into for the second time, I decided to get a guard dog. I got a Rottie mix at the pound that was about 5 yrs old, they estimated. He was wonderful with people but also was alert to strangers coming to the door and became the protection I wanted. Unfortunately, he also loves to chase other animals and seems to have a predator instinct. One day he got into my barn and attacked a sheep and a goat. They had to be put down from their injuries. I don't know his history or his upbringing, but now I'm worried about how I will balance protection of my house and protection of my farm animals. I have put my plans to get chickens on hold now because of him.

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