A New Home For Lola

| 11/8/2016 1:12:00 PM

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Andrew WeidmanLilah

Two years ago, we brought Lola into our home, bringing our dog pack up to three. We never expected to be a three-dog household, but Lola needed a place to crash.

When we met her, Lola was staying with our groomer. From what we understand her first home had been chaotic, filled with several children and endless activity and confusion. That might sound like dog paradise, but Lola is a designer breed: part poodle, part Yorkshire terrier. Yorkies don’t do well with chaos, and the Yorkie is strong with Lola.


Lola had a sister, and they were surrendered at the same time. Her sister had already found a new home, but Lola had issues — issues with men, especially in dark uniforms, issues with other dogs near her food, and issues with big dogs getting near "her people." Our groomer also raises German Shepherds, who Lola took immediate offense to. That meant Lola couldn’t stay in the house; she needed to stay in the shop kennel, or with the groomer (as long as she wasn’t grooming big dogs.)

When we first met Lola, she was sharing the kennel with a Boston terrier imitating a car alarm. Six weeks later she was still there, and the terrier was still yelping to beat the band. Six minutes of that racket drove me to distraction; six weeks was unimaginable.

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