Bobcat Fever: The Loss of a Good Feline Friend

| 1/31/2018 8:49:00 AM

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Linda and Burt Crume 

Mac in the snow 

Before Bunny Feet, our current vermin chaser and garden cat, there was Mac.

Mac was found scavenging for food at the local fast food drive-in and was brought to our old neighborhood by the owner of a sour little Dachshund that had chewed the pedal-rest off a Chickering baby grand piano. Mac didn’t stand a chance of relaxing there, so he was given to another neighbor. 

The second neighbor had a large yellow lab (sweet guy) and five miniature Dachshunds. Mac spent most nights and much of the day time locked up in a laundry room because one of the dogs didn’t like cats. Mac was fed plenty there, but he didn’t like being alone so much, and he also didn’t care for the name he had been given (Snickers).

Since our yard was larger than others on the street, I was spending a lot more time outside than the other neighbors, and when Mac/Snickers was outside he began hanging out with me. When the neighbors let him out to roam, Mac always came to our patio doors and clicked his nails on the glass until we let him in. When I was in the yard he would lay several feet out of the way of whatever I was doing, but he was always near. 

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