Osiris: The Original Baad Sheep!

| 8/15/2012 12:05:49 PM

Many people believe sheep are inherently stupid.  Farmers, for example, will readily recount numerous supportive examples.

But Osiris was different.

 Sheep joy 

Perhaps it was because he was hand-reared; or maybe a god of the underworld was truly reborn in his woolly little coat. Whichever: Osiris sported his name long before we inherited him and his three lovely ladies. All were complimentary additions to our 2.5 acres and house purchase, but those innocent eyes and the dumb-sounding limited ‘Language of Baa’ belied a truly clever, evil heart (as we were soon to discover the hard way.)

We fed Osiris daily (even though he theoretically had 2.5 acres of grazing material at hoof.)  He loved eating plums from our hands; but as the seasoned and gristly Farmer Jones (of the neighboring pasture) observed wisely: “Sheep is dumb. They’ll ‘et almost anything. No need to waste yr good plums on the likes of ‘em.”  I took the hint and Farmer Jones succumbed to a beer and several bags of plums, promising to ‘watch over the place’ as we planned our first two-week getaway since new home ownership.

Funny how sometimes you can smell trouble a mile away.  Or perhaps it was the unusual glare of the neighbors when we came home, or the lack of usually-friendly waves (um – was that a wave, or The Finger?  Naw – everyone in our hamlet had been more than friendly two weeks ago – and we’d been gone, so there wasn’t enough time to antagonize anyone, much less an entire town.)