One Great Rooster: Every Farm Needs a Reinhold

| 11/27/2009 4:15:00 PM

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A Sell Family PortraitA few weeks ago, Elly and Andy were sitting in the parlour (or sitting room to you young people), and suddenly Andy stood up to stare out the window. He called me over to ask what he was seeing; a smallish animal trotting across the field behind our house. I took a look and together we decided that the dog sized, greyish creature was a fox. Before we could secure the binoculars, he had disappeared into the trenches of our property line drainage ditch and that was that.

I remember remarking something about the fortune of having small carnivores on our premises to take care of rodent problems. It wasn’t until Andy returned from morning chores that we learned why that fox had been bee-lining his way off our land.

Andy found seven dead laying hens out by our mobile coop. A significant loss, considering they are older and producing really low egg numbers for our store (like 2-3 dozen per day out of 160 hens).

But then he dropped the bomb. The fox had taken out Reinhold as well. All that remained were some golden feathers right behind the house! That fox had killed our favorite rooster while we slept peacefully in our beds not 20 feet away. We could scarcely believe it.


Let me take you back a little bit. In February you may recall that we adopted a little black and white dog named Rio to be our new farm dog. You may also now realize that we haven’t mentioned Rio since that post. Just over a month after we welcomed him to our family, he was tragically hit on our busy road right in front of our eyes. It’s a miserable story to recall and I get misty just thinking about it, which is why we never posted a blog about him. We were too heart-broken to let everyone know what happened and just tried to get on with things at the farm without him.

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