Of Socks and Snails and Puppy Tales

| 4/23/2009 12:02:00 PM

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CP and the socks

KC ComptonI know my dog CP has an issue. I’m just not certain what the issue is. CP, as Constant Reader might remember, is the Cocker/Poodle/Whatever mixed breed dog I got from the shelter last summer. He is, to my way of thinking, patently adorable.

CP stands, variously, for Cutie Patootie, Cocker/Poodle or Crazy Puppy. Lately, I’ve begun to think the latter is the most apt.

CP has developed a sock fetish. It started out with him rooting around in my laundry basket and removing each and every sock to his lair on my bed. If the cat jumps on the bed, CP is on instant alert, growling low and as menacingly as someone that fluffy can. The cat just looks at him as if to say, “You are such a knucklehead.”

Of course, this is the same cat who brought me a slug for breakfast the other morning, so he’s really not one to cast aspersions. I guess he thought it was about time for some escargot.

CP doesn’t chew on the socks, he just nabs them. But if I don’t watch him every time I open the door to let him out, he dashes out with a sock in his mouth. I’m currently missing about six socks and I know they’re probably scattered all over the farm.

Brenda Kipp_1
6/16/2009 10:31:26 AM

Sounds like you could use a visit from Victoria Stilwell (host of Animal Planet's "It's Me or the Dog"). :)

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