Nothing Beats A Homegrown Tomato

| 6/26/2012 2:44:16 PM

This past weekend, we canned tomatoes for the very first time. And not only that, they were tomatoes we grew ourselves, and from heirloom seeds!!

tomatoes 1  

tomatoes 2 

tomatoes 3 

Aren't all those fresh veggies gorgeous?!!  (In the second picture, Two Socks is a kitty that recently adopted us.  She's a great garden helper!)

We were going to attempt this on Saturday, but after taking our three ring circus (aka the three canine furry kids) to the vet - the puppy for the first time (oy vey!) - we were too exhausted to start in the afternoon.

6/27/2012 6:31:08 PM

Cheryl, always when the tomatoes come in volume in Nebraska the temperature soars up to upper 90s plus. Canning and preserving is a very heat generating process. It's why I haven't really started canning much even though I have the equipment. My thought on the issue has been to buy an old gas stove from the local Menard's store for $69 dollars and convert it to propane. Four working burners would be great for water bath or pressure cooker. I just don't know how long a small tank of propane would last. Canning inside with the airconditioning running just isn't a very efficient way to preserve. Another thought was to freeze it all in my old chest freezer, if it still works, and then can it when the weather is cold outside. I like the first way better and will most likely pursue that method when the time comes to start storing away the harvest. Have a great harvest preserving day.