Grandpa's Feeders: New Chicken Feeder Saves Feed

| 7/26/2010 11:17:00 AM

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Hakn Will in the corn patch. I don't care whether you feed your chickens in pan-style chicken feeders, large range-tank chicken feeders, small barrel-type chicken feeders or open trough chicken feeders – at the end of the day you lose feed to the weather, wild birds and rodents. If you raise lots of birds, you will waste pounds of feed very week with unsealed chicken feeders – unless you use the new to North America, Grandpa’s Feeders chicken feeder.

The Grandpa’s Feeders chicken feeder consists of a beautifully constructed metal container with a lever-operated weather-tight lid that controls access to the feed. You might be wondering just how a lidded chicken feeder can allow your flock to feed, while keeping mice, rats, sparrows, starlings and the weather out. The magic is coiled up in the spring-loaded lid, which is opened when your chickens step up to the platform-like perch. That’s right, the weight of even one Bantam hen on the perch is sufficient to lift the feeder’s lid, which gives her access to the clean feed inside.

Grandpas Feeder with one chook.

Because of its unique design, the Grandpa’s Feeders chicken feeders deny access to wild birds and rodents up to about 13-ounces (that’s a pretty good sized adult rat) with the smaller model and 31 ounces with the larger unit. Obviously, these feeders are not designed for use with small chicks, but they work very well with adolescent and adult birds. Because of their storage capacity, you can fill your Grandpa’s Feeders chicken feeder and forget it for more than a week (depending on how many hens you have).

When introducing the Grandpa’s Feeders to your birds, you will want to give them a bit of a training session. You can prop the lid open initially and/or sprinkle a little feed on the perch platform (step plate) and lid. You will be surprised at how quickly the birds learn the trick. Grandpa’s Feeders chicken feeders are not goat-proof or sheep-proof so if you allow your hens to range with larger grazing animals you will need to find a way to isolate the chicken feeder. Portable electric fence (conductor high enough to allow chickens to pass) or any manner of portable creep pen can be used to keep your Grandpa’s Feeders chicken feeder safe from marauding lambs and kids.

Grandpas Feeders chicken feeder.

11/24/2013 11:25:41 AM

I've used 'squirrel' proof bird feeders for years, they are available at lots of places that sell bird food and feeders and cost a lot less than $300.

11/24/2013 11:25:39 AM

I've used 'squirrel' proof bird feeders for years, they are available at lots of places that sell bird food and feeders and cost a lot less than $300.

Hank Will_2
8/11/2010 1:02:09 PM

Carolyn, you can order the feeders here:

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