Nebaska bipolar weather

| 4/9/2013 1:22:14 PM

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A photo of Nebraska Dave(big exhale breath) The GRIT blog is finally back.  After the first couple days I had withdrawal set in.  After a couple more days it was difficult to catch my breath, and life support was emanant if something didn't happen soon.  The word came down that the blog was fixed just in time before slipping into a coma.  Now you know that I'm just kidding, but I did miss the daily blog reading from all the great GRIT bloggers. 

The weather seems to be undecided in Nebraska.  We are now preparing for Storm Walda. Here on the east side of Nebraska, storm Walda will only be rain with maybe a dusting of snow.  The temperatures are mellowing with night time lows in the upper 30s and 40s.  Last night it was practically 50 but then the high for today is not much higher then 50 degrees.  All the snow is melted and the ground has that damp spring smell to it so I would say that winter is finally over.  Rain is in the forecast for at least another couple days.

Fort covered with kids 

One sure sign of spring is when the neighborhood kids come out to play.  Those that have followed my blog know that I built this structure a couple years ago for my grandson Bradley.  It does attract adventurous boys.  The next addition will be a set of regular stairs up inside the cage to the fort and maybe a zip line down the hill.  It's all an evil plan to keep my grandson in the backyard so I know where he and all the rest of the boys in the neighborhood are.

Crocus flower 

Another sure sign of spring is when the Crocus flowers are in bloom.  With daffodils and tulips in bud the Crocus is always the first one to display its color.  My neighbor is a camera buff and snapped this picture.  The amazing thing about this flower is that it's a part of a whole row of Crocus flowers in the space between the sidewalk and the street in front of my house.  I call it the dead zone.  It's where all the snow from the salted streets is piled up. Still after four years in the worst of soil conditions, these Crocus flowers bloom there heart out every year.

Nova stencil on fence panel 

As more days warm up above 50 degrees, work proceeds on the pallet to garden fence panels.  To keep the lettering uniform, a plan was devised to make crude letter stencils of sorts.  This is the what I call the Nova fence panel.  A sharpie was used to trace the lettering before the painting began.  As I have stated before, my abilities for art work are limited but with a little planning a fairly decent panel can be the result.

Two fence panels complete 

Two fence panels are complete.  One more panel with lettering "Gardens" will complete the main part of the fence visible from the street.  I have researched just how much pressure wind will put on these panels.  The Internet is a wonderful place for getting answers.  For those that are interested in the formula for finding wind pressure on panels, it's as follows:  Wind speed in MPH squared times the constant .0072. The answer is in pounds per square inch.  My panels are 8 feet by 54 inches.  Doing the calculations my panels will be enduring about 100 pounds each with a 40 MPH wind.  Wind can be as high as 60 MPH in gusts so a sturdy post structure will be used.  Therefore a post every four feet anchored in concrete will be needed. 

So hopefully we are back on track with GRIT blogs and I won't see the light at the end of tunnel for a long time.

Have a great spring day hopefully in the garden.

nebraska dave
4/22/2013 9:41:31 PM

Cheryl, the weather here in Nebraska just keep on pouring down cold rain. Tomorrow the promise is or more snow. Can you believe it? I too have just planted my tomatoes under the grow light. It's about a month behind because March was such busy month. I guess that might be a great thing because the ground in the garden is way to cold and wet to even think about planting anything. There's really not going to be hardly any time for garden prep. It's a good thing I deep mulched everything last fall. I haven't had weather above 50 degrees to work on my last garden fence panel. Terra Nova Gardens and the Urban Ranch garden are totally unworkable yet. Perhaps next week will bring us good weather. Have a great inside day.

cheryl aker
4/22/2013 4:03:00 PM

The fence panels look great! We're having a bipolar spring here in Texas as well. Numerous record breaking low temps! Makes me kind of glad I am SO behind getting my garden least I can still move my little plants back in the house! HA. Keep up the good work.

cindy murphy
4/13/2013 3:25:35 AM

"How did you know to come and look at my new post?" “Hhmm…”, I said to myself, “it’s been a while since I’ve checked in at Grit.” (Too long, actually.) “I wonder what Nebraska Dave’s been up to?” So I pulled up the site, clicked on the “blog” tab, and there to my surprise, was my picture on the first page. “Something’s up”, I said to myself again, because even as forgetful as I am, I was positive I hadn’t written a blog lately, and my blog should have been way down on the list (bottom of the barrel material). I also saw all of the first round of Grit bloggers who started blogging way back when I started (and got excited to see some of them, thinking they’ve found their way back). I knew it wasn’t so, though – I recognized the post titles as being articles I read years ago. So I started from the back – page 5 – thinking “They’ve changed the filing system when I wasn’t looking just to confuse me.” And ah, ha! There you were on page 5. And that is the story of how I knew to come and look at your new post. Or something like that.

nebraska dave
4/13/2013 2:51:33 AM

Cindy, it's oh so good to hear from you. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever hear from anyone again with the issues with the blog pages. How did you know to come and look at my new post? I'm am truly ecstatic about how the fence is turning out. It's been challenging to find above 50 degree days here too that are dry to work on the panels. Tomorrow will be 60 degrees with sunshine so I may be able to get started on the third and final panel with will display graphics. It takes one good day to double coat both sides with primer and then double coat the solid green. The graphics take about two days. This last panel will have more letters. It will have the word "Garden" on it. Then there are two little panels that will be just plain green to finish out the 30 foot street view fence. Then comes the post hole digging, if it ever dries out. This spring is indeed quite different than last year. The nursery sections of the home improvement stores have there isles loaded with plants to keep them from freezing outside in the garden center. I suspect you are having the same issues in Michigan. Have the best day that you can in the nursery.

nebraska dave
4/13/2013 2:30:58 AM

Mary, how did you get to my blog on the GRIT website. All I see are old blogs on the "blog landing page" as they call it. They have been having major problems with their blog pages for the last couple weeks. This is a message I sent to them. "I'm dying out here from GRIT blog withdrawal. I have heart palpitations and shortness of breath. I really need a fix. I can't last much longer without resuscitation. If this goes on too long, I'll be on life support for sure. Nebraska Dave" I sent a new post and apparently it appears somewhere on my blog if you go there directly but I can't find out what points there. I hope they get it straighten out soon. Have a great day in the garden .... if you can.

mary carton
4/12/2013 1:12:13 AM

Dave only part of the GRIT blogs are back. You can't see past page 5. I was beginning to wonder if my blog had been banished. I guess I'll find out this weekend when I make my blog post. Love how the fence turned out. Corn being planted here.

cindy murphy
4/11/2013 1:27:46 AM

Dave. Dave, Dave, Dave!!! I love, love, love how the fence is turning out! And you say you haven't any artistic talent? Pfft! Looks great - very cheery. Spring is very slow in arriving here this year....even slower than it's supposed to normally be, and world's away from last spring's freakishly warm weather; I don't think we've been in the 50s yet except for one day . Today was my day off, and with the soil finally ready to work in, I was going to plant my lettuce and spinach seeds, but stormed most of the day. Ah, well...we definitely need the rain. Enjoy the day.

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