Musings on This Morning's Chores

| 6/20/2011 3:25:13 PM

sheep peeking out waiting for breakfast 

Come, sip your morning coffee and join us for our morning chores.

more patient waiting 

Today I'm going to share with you what this mornings chores were like here on Dream Come True Farm. This is what I love about having a family farm. I have shown you what we do here now its time to meet some of the critters that help our farm be a success.

 watching as the barn is cleaned up 

And meet my two favorite farm hands. 

Nebraska Dave
6/21/2011 8:20:25 AM

Pam, there nothing like waking up to morning animal sounds munching on their food. Everything just seems right with the world. Ah, yeah, well, then there's Folger's in my cup that helps too. You have cute grandson that likes to help grandpa. I have a six year old grandson and both he and his Mom live with me so I wake up to a six year old munching his fruit and cereal and, of course, Folger's in my cup. Have a great morning chores day.