Mud Season: Coexisting (Peacefully) With Mud

| 2/9/2010 4:53:18 PM

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A photo of Oz GirlIt’s a good thing I bought Muck brand boots a few months ago for the hubster and I. They’re awesome boots, the absolute best for our current muddy conditions around the ranch! I’m wearing the “Jobber” Muck boots in the photo below, although it’s hard to tell with all the mud schmoozing around my feet. I bought the “Chore” Muck boots for the hubby, which are mid-calf and higher than my “Jobber” style … I wish I had bought the “Chore” style for myself, but even so, I REALLY LOVE MY MUCK BOOTS!! 

The squishy, sqoozy Kansas mud wraps around my Muck boots.

I really feel bad for the horses ... their paddock areas are just an absolute mess right now. They all have access to pasture area, which is not as muddy as their paddocks, but of course they rarely go out to the pastures since there’s nothing but unappetizing brown grass out there right now.

Paint horse, ever inquisitive about my camera

Poor ole Murphy, always being sassed by Paint – we rope him off separately these days to ensure he gets all his Purina Equine Senior feed. Goodness knows that fat ole Paint doesn’t need it!

Our older horse Murphy reaches for alfalfa that has fallen beyond the gate.

oz girl
2/10/2010 11:33:37 AM

Melissa, thanks for stopping by! I had a Mitsubishi Montero AWD Sport when I lived in OH, and I traded it in for a Dodge Caliber before I met my husband. One year and a half later, I'm living in the Kansas outback, and I sure wish I had my Montero instead of this car, which doesn't work too well out here. I am constantly getting flat tires, and of course, it's always dusty or muddy. I'm gonna have to try the squishy mud between my toes thing, when the weather warms up accordingly... sounds like a good feeling, and I wouldn't mind feeling like a lil kid again!

oz girl
2/10/2010 8:24:57 AM

You are absolutely right Nebraska Dave! The good times out here far outweigh the bad times. I wouldn't trade country living for city living (no offense!) even if the mud was knee-high. I know as we get older the heavy workload will preclude our living on 27 acres, but I hope we can swap the 27 for something more manageable at that time, perhaps 5 acres? If you are ever down our way, consider this a stop on your rural excursions. :-) Cindy, I honestly don't know how I managed before my Muck boots. I love my short Jobber style, but I'm already scheming to get a higher cut style. It would probably suit the deep mud better... I think the Jobber will be well suited to dryer gardening days. And you are very right, they are perfect for snow days also. Mountain Woman, our mud season can be quite extended. Since we often have 40-degree days, and 20-degree nights, it can go back and forth, frozen then muddy! After I saw the horses trying to walk on the frozen pock-marked mud yesterday, I'm undecided which is better - it's like a constant trail ride for them. I'm sure they would prefer the drier days of summer. {I did try to convey a more beautiful side to mud with my photos.} :)

2/10/2010 8:18:34 AM

Hey Oz Girl. YES! MUD SEASON! Ok, I no longer live on a dirt road so I LUCKILY don't have to worry about it as much (good thing because my little car would always get stuck in those huge ruts). But my favorite is walking barefoot through some serious mud in our yard...nothing like feeling like a kid again. :) Good luck with your mud- not sure we'll have much of a mud season here...since the snow was very minimal this winter. (oh, and I totally agree about the Muck boots...I just got some of the Chore boots last year and I don't know how I lived up until now without them!) cheers! VTHomesteader

mountain woman
2/10/2010 6:04:41 AM

I loved the black and white photos. They gave such a different insight into mud season. And wow, was I impressed by your mud. We won't get to mud season until April and we never know how long it will last. Depends on the snow. But it's an adventure getting down to the road. I love mud season. I feel like a child again jumping in puddles and watching all that gooey mud splash around but all I can say is Wow, I'd love to visit your mud. It's impressive.

cindy murphy
2/9/2010 10:59:08 PM

Hi, Oz Girl. Just gotta agree....I love, love, love my Muck boots. I've got the knee-high Equestrian style (read more expensive), because the mid-calf Chore boots didn't come in my size; the sales woman even checked the catalog - nope, at the time, only men's sizes. What's up with that, I thought to myself - women don't do chores? I got them to work in the nursery, where in spring we're often knee-deep in mud. I used to joke when asked where I worked, "I play in the mud for a living"...until some guy thought I was a mud wrestler, and I could not convince him otherwise. They've been put to good use these past couple of winters too - not only are they muck-proof, they are snow-proof and very, very warm. They'll get a good work-out tomorrow; we've got 6 or 7 fresh inches, and it's still coming down. On second thought, I just may forgo the boots, and put on the skis instead. As for your Mud Season....remember, this too shall soon pass. Until then...playing in the mud is actually kinda fun.

nebraska dave
2/9/2010 7:43:10 PM

Oz girl, Spring thaw here in Nebraska can bring the mud so deep that I can certainly remember as a kid when it would suck the boot right off my foot. The foot would move for the next step but the boot would not. That’s never a good thing to be hopping or trying to hop around in muck with one boot trying to get the other unstuck. It almost always ends in a bad way. It sometimes required a power wash if it happened in the hog yard before Mama would let me back in the house. You’re right, though, it only happens for a short time and becomes a forgotten memory as Spring begins to come to life. It’s kind of the rural life way. There are good times and there are bad times, then there are ugly times. I found that the good times always seemed to greatly out weigh the other not so good times. I’m just a city dweller now, but I can visit many people out in rural areas went I want a fix. They will even let me feed the animals or shovel out the stalls. Oh yea. That’s when my knee high muck boots come into play. Since I’m kind of heading into the golden years I expect my rural living days are over. I’ve learned though the years to never say never. I still have a lot of back yard that is just urban manicured grass. Hmmmm. Hey maybe one of your business ventures could be muck boots for horses. :O)

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