Mid-Winter In The Northeast Kingdom, Vermont

| 2/5/2012 1:30:00 PM

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A Red Pine Mountain LogoLong winters are a fact of life in the Northeast Kingdom.  Usually, they don't bother me but reading about the rest of the country's unseasonably warm temperatures have left me longing for green grass and no snow.  And when the temperatures started dipping below zero, I knew we needed a lift; something to raise lagging spirits, ease aching old bones.  

I decided to search local websites until I found the perfect pick me up; a place called "Healing Hands Massage" which specializes in sports massages. If you don't know about sports massage, it's a wonderful art which helps improve muscle tone, aches and pains and last but not least helps to improve moods.  Just what we were looking for.

Beth, the owner, turned out to be a fantastic person with a kind and gentle manner and a wonderful, healingl touch.  It didn't take long before her magic started to work.  Ah, relaxation, easing muscle tension, moods improving.  Yes, it was amazing.

Oh, if only she worked on people!

There's been a lot going on at the farm.  Maybe so much I get distracted trying to keep up with everything so today, instead of trying to write, I decided to make a short video for you.  Without further ado:

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2/9/2012 3:23:56 AM

What a neat video. All I can say is, that makes me want to go horseback riding through snowy Vermont!

2/8/2012 6:07:21 PM

Hi, Mountain Woman. I'll trade you some of your snow for our unseasonably warm winter winter. I'm missing the snow terribly; we've had so little this year that at last count we are 70 inches behind last year's snowfall by this time of year, and 40 inches below our average. Winter in Michigan is supposed to be snowy; bring it on! Hope you're doing well, and good to hear from you.

2/7/2012 12:47:42 PM

Mountain Woman, winter has finally come to Nebraska. Snow, single digit temperatures, cold wind chills have reminded us that it actually is winter here. So as I say goodbye to outside work for at least another month, work continues on the inside projects. Well, that is when I'm not have lunch with a friend, or helping someone move, or cleaning the house and doing laundry, or my favorite working on my daughter's car in the now cold weather. It seems there's never a lack of things to do on the Urban Ranch. Your video was great. I really should have taken a few pictures of the winter wonderland with the wet sticky snow covering everything. It was quite beautiful. Well, maybe next time. My grandson thinks today will be the day to go tobogganing down the school yard hill. Oh, joy!! We've only been able to conquer the hill once this season. It's not the going down that gets to old grandpa but the climbing back up the hill for the next run. I've learned to enjoy the moment what ever it brings. Have a great Vermont day however you can.

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