Manna Pro Baby Your Babies Photo Contest And Webinar

| 2/4/2010 10:28:00 AM

GRIT Editor Hank Will at the wheel of his 1964 IH pickup.In spite of what the Farmers’ Almanac and Punxsutawney Phil predicted about the rest of this winter, in my mind it’s time to start thinking about spring and all of the newborn animals scheduled to arrive at the farm. My four-legged moms are expecting baby pigs, calves, lambs, donkeys – and I am pretty close to setting the year’s first batch of fertile eggs in an incubator. The good folks at Manna Pro are also celebrating the season, (and giving away some substantial prizes) with the Baby Your Babies Photo Contest and accompanying educational webinar series.

Manna Pro Baby Your Babies Logo.

Manna Pro produces high-quality animal nutrition and care products for a broad range of species – its product lines are perfect for smaller lifestyle farms and rural enthusiasts who raise their animals for reasons beyond just making a profit. I’ve used Manna Pro’s Calf Manna and various milk replacer products for several decades and they work.

Mulefoot Piglets

“Our consumers consider their animals to be more like pets or family members than just livestock,” says Manna Pro Marketing Director Jennifer Hojnacki. “They want to know as much as possible about keeping their animals healthy, and they are like proud ‘parents’ when their animals have new babies. The Baby Your Babies promotion gives them a way to learn about important nutrition issues – and also a way to share their new arrivals with the larger farming community.”

Heap of Mulefoot piglets.