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A photo of Tricia MillixI believe I have discovered where I truly reside! Our dreams of hundreds and hundreds of acres, barns and rolling pastures filled with livestock are just that a dream. We would love to someday have all that, but for now we have about three acres and I think that is a good place to start. I call it farm-urbia!

Peanut, our new goatWe live in a quiet little town that still has a few large farms and quite a few open fields, but we are not primarily "farm country." I had to change my way of looking at where we are. I was becoming angry because we didn't have enough land, not enough barns and definitely not enough area to put all the animals we wanted; but we do have plenty of all of those things to get started! We have our little flock of chickens, we are getting two little goats, we have a medium size barn, a small barn and plenty of ambition. In our lives right now that is just what we need.

Stormy, one of our new goatsI want to be ready when we get the opportunity to have bigger, but I have reconciled with myself that if we "bit off more than we could chew" we would end up hating everything we had worked towards and and wanted for so long. We are as you would say "Green-horns" at our life’s little venture. I grew up on a beautiful little farm but have spent the bulk of my adult life enjoying the easy or, as I like to call it, lazy way of life.

I am tired of living lazy, I want to be a participant in every single aspect of my existence, and I want my children to see the rewards that can be had from making your own life, not just living along with everyone else. I want to be part of that group of amazing human beings that can tell you how, who and where every item they have comes from. I want to feel proud when I sit down with my family and enjoy a meal that "we" farmed, raised and made with our own two hands and hard work. I believe that we can get our feet off the ground and get our start right here in our little piece of "farm-urbia" for now; at least until bigger and better comes our way!

Open fields that line our property.

6/18/2009 8:31:39 PM

Cindy- I am finding that the more I stop and look around at what is right in front of me, the more I realize that there isn't much else I really "need". I can do what I want with what I have and that has been a long time coming - that realization! As far as the kind words, family is the most important thing in the world and it should never matter who's family it is. Sometimes a sincere word of encouragement can make all the difference in someone's day, since I have been on the receiving side I feel that is an extremely important thing to take the time to extend. It costs nothing but is sometimes worth more than anything. So please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I am happy to hear that you have been re-charged by your family. Best wishes and Godspeed- Tricia

Cindy Murphy
6/14/2009 8:58:59 PM

Hi, Tricia. I love this line you wrote, "I had to change my way of looking at where we are." What a mouthful! So many times, I think, we look ahead to what we desire, and fail to notice what we have. Changing attitudes about how we view where we are, I believe, is not about just "making do". It's about taking a good look at what we have, working with it, and turning it into something that truly makes us happy. I'd bet that "Farm-urbia" with a little work and persistence can become your Farm-topia if you so desire. Best wishes in attaining your dream. I also want to thank you for your kind words and thoughts for Mom and our family. Although your last post truly made me smile, I probably shouldn't have rambled on the way I did - chalk it up to being emotionally and physcially drained. I'm back home now for a couple days before I head back across state to be with Mom. I needed some normalcy and familiar surroundings to re-energize. It's amazing what lots of hugs, love and support from hubs, the girls, and close friends can do. And the simple things - pulling a few weeds, picking spinach, throwing sticks for the dog, and just being HOME makes me appreciate all that I have all the more. Dave - love the verse; thanks for sharing.

6/13/2009 8:29:10 PM

Dave- It seems when I realize how much I really can do with what I have it amazes me! I always seemed to pair farm life with a "full fledged" 300 acre FARM with field upon field and huge barns galore, when it really is what you make of what you have. Not to say that my dream description isn't a very nice thought, like I said maybe someday. You seem to keep yourself busy and of course you must keep the neighbors happy, I keep mine happy with a dozen eggs here and there and a Petite Pie now and again - no complaints yet!! You mentioned the rocks, I have big plans to scavenge our woods and find some nice rocks to line our raised beds, one of these days. It is too funny that you mention rabbits for food; my parents did raise some for that same exact reason and not one single one of their nine children would partake in the Hasen Pfeffer meals. I am sure they snuck some in when we weren't looking, you know the whole it tastes like chicken deal!! Oh well it never killed us. I love the verse, thank you! Take care and always remember to be " A man out-standing in his field". Tricia

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