The Pigs and the Lightning

Reader Contribution by Alethea Wilcox

Every spring, on our little farm, we start the search to buy piglets. Our farm has raised pastured pork for a few years.  This year my husband and I decided to purchase an entire litter. Unfortunately the deal fell through. We never heard back from the breeder. My husband and I were very disappointed. I suppose we could have given up, but I was determined to fill our freezer and have enough for some customers. You know what the Marine Corps says: Adapt, Improvise and Overcome.

I did some looking and calling around. I was able to find a very nice woman on Facebook who had some piglets for sale. I have never had luck with Craigslist or Facebook, but hoped for the best. We told the children we would be leaving to go get some pigs later that afternoon. My son, Wyatt, excitedly was picking out names he liked. My girls were looking forward to driving out to pick up the pigs. Our drive was roughly going to be about two hours. We took the old four-door farm truck; it was going to be a rough four hours. The farm truck was never really meant to drive off the farm and certainly not two hours away. I had some concerns about the possibility of being stranded so far away from our home. I had been keeping an eye on weather and noticed some severe thunderstorms that were coming our way. We crossed our fingers and left, hoping for the best.

The old farm truck rattled down the Interstate … then it happened. Sixty miles out, it started to dump rain. Most of the vehicles slowed down to a crawl. The force of the rain was so hard the windshield wipers flew apart and you couldn’t see. Lightning was hitting the ground all around us and the thunder was so loud it shook the truck. The rain was bad enough we had to pull off the highway and replace the windshield wipers. Nothing makes a person more jumpy then the possibility of your truck hydroplaning into bolt of lightning. We parked for a bit, but the storm showed no signs of slowing down, so we continued on. The farther we drove the more the weather improved. The children, my husband and I seemed to relax and become talkative again. As the rain cleared, so did the mood in the vehicle.  

We arrived safely at our destination (no small feat). I couldn’t tell if the children were excited to be alive or to see the new pigs! My husband and the seller loaded up the pigs, and we all buckled up to drive back home in the blue farm truck. We made it back home incident free. We unloaded the pigs into their new pasture pens. In spite the rain, thunder and lightning, we managed to end up with piggies! 

  • Published on Sep 25, 2015
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