Pigs and Figs

Reader Contribution by Heather Jackson

Helloooooo there!

Beulah Belle the Jersey Cow here!

We have had an eventful week here on the farm! Two of our pigs went off to freezer camp, but one pig just wouldn’t load, so she is still here in the pasture for the next month. She chases Farmer Heather all the time, and it is just the funniest thing! The problem comes when she blocks the gate, and Heather can’t get out to milk me.

Just leave it to old Beulah to fix things! I headbutt that fool pig across the pasture, and she stops pestering the farmers for awhile! Make sure you read the full story below!

In other news, the guinea that we thought had been eaten by a fox showed up with seven little guinea keets. Sigh. Just when I thought I was going to get a little peace and quiet!  

Oh, well, until next time, here are some stories you humans might be interested in:

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  • Published on Jul 30, 2014
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