Winter Preps for Our Small Goat Herd

| 10/14/2013 9:21:00 AM

Erin BaldwinTypically this time of year, the vast expanse of the Allegheny Mountains transforms into a breathtaking vista of amber, burnt orange, and crimson and this autumn is no exception. 

Autumn in the Allegheny Mountains
Autumn in its full glory high atop the Allegheny Mountains. 

The crisp air and dropping mercury, signals the start of winter preparations around our mini-homestead. We are breeding our four Nubian diary goats for the first time and will be spending a fair amount of time and energy putting together preps for tending to pregnant does and over-wintering in general.

New Goat Yard!

We will start our pre-winter overhaul in the goat yard. Currently our goats are being boarded with another family member’s herd of Boer goats. While this has worked well, we have decided to separate our smaller herd so we can better control their health and feeding. For winter, we are going to build a small lot, approximately 100 x 30 feet, adjacent to our house that we will expand on in the spring.

Little Farmer T visiting the goats
Little Farmer T visiting the goats.

10/18/2013 11:32:20 AM

Erin, Welcome to GRIT blogging community. I don't have goats but it's time to start preparing for the long winter rest in my gardens for this year. I haven't really been around goats or sheep all that much but I do like to read about other folk's experiences with them. Goats just seem to generate interesting stories. I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey in homesteading with goats. ***** Have a great day with your goats. Farmer T looks like he's going to be a natural at working with goats.