Build a Goat Milking Stanchion

Janet and Mark Knickerbocker build a goat milking stanchion from scratch that makes milking easier, includes diagrams, materials, layout, bracing, the seat and the feed box.

| January/February 2007

Build a goat milking stanchion to make the task of milking goats easier. 

If you get dairy goats, you’ll probably want to build this nifty stanchion to make milking easy for both the milker and the milkee. The stanchion features an adjustable seat for the milker, a platform to raise the goat to a comfortable height and a feed box to keep her content while you milk.

To build a goat milking stanchion, you’ll need a skill saw, jigsaw, electric drill, Phillips screwdriver for the drill, a 1/16-inch drill bit to bore pilot holes for screws and 1 1/2-inch wood screws.

If you want, you can add a chain neck restraint, which will come in handy when introducing a new goat to milking.

The Milking Stanchion


A. Two 44 inch 1 by 12s for front
B. Two 48 inch 1 by 12s for bottom
C. Two 23 inch 1 by 6s for leg supports
D. One 36 inch 1 by 8 for seat slide
E. Four 10 1/2 inch 2 by 4s for legs
F. Two 23 inch 2 by 4s for slide support
G. One 36 inch 2 by 4 cut 45 degrees on each end (for brace)
H. One 23 inch 1 by 4 (top connector)
I. Two 8 inch L-brackets
J. One 6 inch piece of light chain
K. One screw eye, one screw book

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