Getting Started With Livestock

Whether it's incubating eggs or raising goats for profit, here are some helpful reads to get you started with livestock.

| January 2014

  • Learn how to properly incubate eggs.
    Learn how to properly incubate eggs.
    Photo by Fotolia/thanamat

  • Learn how to properly incubate eggs.

Have you been thinking about managing your own flock of chickens or perhaps a herd of livestock? Here are a few ways to get started. Learn the basics of incubating eggs with this informative video. You don’t have to live on a large farm to enjoy the benefits of a backyard poultry flock. From wool to meat, sheep have a lot to offer your homestead. And goats are one way to turn a profit on your farm, while at the same time providing entertainment. Whether it is pigs, cows or any other type of livestock, these animals can help forge relationships and build a community. Try spinning wool and other fibers for a productive and entertaining hobby. As far as the country kitchen goes, try this stuffed poblano recipe made with quail meat and goat cheese for a meal that is sure to be a hit, and goat cheese and zucchini make the perfect pairing for a tasty tart. Did you know a relaxed chicken is a productive chicken? Help them destress with these natural herbal remedies.

Incubating Eggs
Getting Started With Backyard Poultry
Guide to Sheep Breeds
Raising Goats for Fun and Profit
The Joys of Raising Heritage Pigs
Turn Natural Fibers Into Yarn
Stuffed Poblano Peppers
Zucchinni Goat Cheese Tart
Nesting Box Herbs

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