Working Out on the Ranch

I have spent most of my life working in front of a computer. Lately I have been embracing more things that get me away from that. I am seeking to be much more active. I started volunteering at a ranch working with horses. The physical labor involved has been a challenge for me.

I am working on getting in shape so I am no stranger to exercising, but some of the activity on the ranch is a whole other thing. I found that cleaning a horse’s hooves is hard on my back and it made my biceps quite sore. It made my biceps sorer than my regular bicep workout. I sure didn’t expect that. I am hoping that as I strengthen my back, it will not be sure a chore.

At times, I do a bit of walking on the ranch. I definitely don’t mind that. I like to keep track of my steps and mileage. It is usually far more than on any typical day of mine.

My latest horse task has been the most challenging. Carrying buckets of water and hanging them up in the stalls was a major workout. I don’t know why, but it amazes me that water can be so heavy.

When I was doing the water buckets, it reminded me of some of the kung fu movies that I like to watch. Often I would see the martial arts students carrying buckets of water as part of their training.

When I think about it, I think about how it will only make me stronger. I am interested in kung fu and I have been studying Tai chi. Maybe this can be part of my training. As the water buckets feel lighter, I will know that I am getting stronger.

The physical labor is gratifying for me. It is good to get away from the computer and to do something good and active for my body. I love being able to do this by spending time with wonderful horses.  

  • Published on May 19, 2016
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