In Which the Cow Took Over My Newsletter

| 12/17/2013 10:34:00 AM

Green Eggs and GoatsThis post is going to deviate from the norm just a little bit. You see, I send out a newsletter to people who subscribe to my Green Eggs & Goats blog. I have been really tired today though, so my Jersey cow, Beulah decided to do the newsletter for me today to give me a little break. Chaos ensued. The people on our Facebook page seem to think my cow is rather funny, so I thought I would share it with my readers here at GRIT too!

Welcome to the Mooooooooosletter!

Brought to you today by Beulah Belle the Jersey Cow

Farmer Heather is feeling a little tired today after a few late nights of barnyard drama, so I told her, "Don't you worry, you just moooooooooooove on over and let Beulah handle the newsletter this week." So she's resting with a cup of coffee and trying to get some Christmas presents wrapped right now. She better be wrapping some cow treats, that's all I've got to say about it!

Beulah Belle the Jersey Cow eating

12/22/2013 5:41:06 PM

Beulah Belle, you write a great blog post. You should do it more often. I can see how possums wouldn't be a threat to you. They don't move too fast either. I can identify with dead beat dad's and rebellious daughters. I hope your daughter Bellatrix has learned her lesson. Raising teenage daughters can be very challenging. ***** Have a great Mooooooooosletter day.