Beekeeping Groups Challenging Sulfoxaflor Approval

The FDA’s approval of sulfoxaflor, a neonicotinoid pesticide that threatens bee populations, is being appealed by groups seeking to protect our already fragile pollinators.

| March/April 2014

  • The National Honey and Bee Advisory Board, along with others, are fighting the EPA’s ruling on sulfoxaflor.
    Photo by Fotoloia/LuigiPinna

Beekeeping Groups Challenging Sulfoxaflor Approval

The National Honey and Bee Advisory Board along with the Pollinator Stewardship Council are fighting back after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allowed the use of the toxic pesticide sulfoxaflor, a known cause of widespread loss to bee colonies. Beekeepers across the country are worried about the consequences should the use of the neonicotinoid pesticides continue to be used on crops. The EPA is required to deem a pesticide low-risk before it can be approved for use. However, Earthjustice attorney Greg Loarie, representing those who are appealing the pesticide ruling, says that the EPA failed to acknowledge that these requirements were not met and that sulfoxaflor does in fact pose a substantial threat to the pollinator populations. “This case is really quite simple: bees are getting wiped out, and yet the EPA rubber stamped another bee-killing pesticide,” said Loarie. Find more info at the Earthjustice site.

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